The Free International Yoga & Music Festival is organized every year since November 2008 by Nad Yoga Trust, a non-profit organization and sponsored by Nada Yoga School with an aim to give all people, regardless of socio-economic status, an opportunity to learn yoga and Indian classical music from the team of professional teachers from Rishikesh, India and abroad.

The festival takes place at Nada Yoga School in Swargashram, Rishikesh – the world capital of yoga, from November 1 – 7 every year with over 140 hours of yoga, lectures and music performances.

The various styles of yoga include ashtanga, hatha, Iyengar, kriya, power, nada – the Free Yoga & Music Festival enables people to experiment with different styles and share yogic learning.

Lectures from eminent yogis on yogic philosophy and ayurveda create a more holistic approach.

Every evening is a refreshing unwind with musicians from across the Indian and global spectrum. Featuring the best in class from a range of classical to contemporary music, evening chanting of mantras and kirtans are an invigorating aspect of the festival.

In the Vedic tradition, the knowledge of the reality is passed down from teacher (Guru) to student (shishya, literally meaning “mirror”). The student has one of three ways to give thanks;

  1. Dakshina, or some offering to the Guru
  2. Seva or service
  3. Vidhya daan, or teaching the knowledge

Guru means “remover of darkness” and for this there is no price.

When we have developed a deep interconnection between mind and body and have dissolved all of our mental impurities resulting in the highest happiness of full liberation through the practice of Yoga, the mind becomes a balanced mind full of love and compassion.

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We develop a strong feeling of gratitude and a wish to serve others without expecting anything.  One gives within one’s ability, with a feeling of love and gratitude, so that others may benefit from future festivals.